About Peak

Work, Smarter.

Our mission at Peak is to make lifelong progress achievable and enjoyable. We believe that, no matter where we find ourselves, there is always room for improvement, and that each of us can push ourselves a bit harder and reach a bit further to achieve our goals.

The company was founded by entrepreneurs from Google, Amazon, Playfish/ EA in 2013 and in 2015 we raised $10 million in VC funding, in part from Spotify-backers Creandum. We started out by producing the award winning app, Peak -- Brain Training. It has been downloaded over 30 millions times and has been recognised by both Apple and Google as the best of its kind. Today, we continue to innovate in this space and use a combination of technology, gaming and the latest scientific research to challenge you and to help you achieve more. But, our ambition is broader and bigger than brain training and while we continue to invest in our core services we experiment with new opportunities to keep our customers on the road to self-improvement.

This is just the beginning for Peak and we are always looking for talented individuals to join our hard-working and dedicated team. If you want another perspective, here is a WIRED interview with our CEO.

Our team

Peak is based in London and we are a team of dedicated developers, scientists, designers, marketers and all-round talented individuals. We work closely together to create and innovate our products and to help people enjoy becoming better.

The company is growing fast and, at our heart, we remain committed to experimentation, iteration and rapid deployment to ensure that our customers always have the best service possible. This means that anyone joining our team has the opportunity to contribute from day one and everyone can make a significant on the business. We have built a team that is passionate about its mission and obsessed by understanding and responding to our customers’ needs Together, we work hard to achieve our goals and to deliver a service that our customers love.

Everyone at Peak is committed to achieving their targets and the company’s goals and so the environment extremely supportive. This ensures that Peaksters are focused and content every day. The kitchen is always stocked with healthy snacks, everyone can join a gym, and each month we come together at our Brain Jam to work on fun projects that are not always directly related to the company (the result of one Brain Jam meant that you can play Peak using a dance mat: see this video to find out more.)

Current openings